Malibu in feisty red.

On your marks… get set… go! You can almost hear the roar of the engine as Malibu stands poised, ready for the race. Drawing inspiration from the early Maserati Formula 1 cars of the 20s and 30s but with a modern Playforever twist, our Malibu racing car is built for speed. With a pure and simple cigar tube chassis, long nose and wide open mouth, its shape is sleek and stream-lined whilst its wide profile, low-to-the-ground rubber tyres give it a bold confidence to rival all others at the starting grid.


CNC Program high gloss black and stainless.

Our striking, limited edition CNC series takes Bruno to a whole new level. Each car is beautifully made with the greatest attention to detail; crafted with love and pride from the finest, most luxurious materials before being hand-finished to perfection.


Hugo Boss & Playforever Christmas 2017

In celebration of the busy festive season, BOSS has teamed up with luxury gift brand Playforever to create an exclusive new toy car and a collection for high-impact style. BOSS knows the holidays can speed towards us with gifts to buy and parties to attend. This year, we revel in this fast pace with a little help from Playforever’s sleek car designs, making sure you are ready for anything, whether you are on the hunt for the perfect gift or an impeccable look.

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Great Britain Roadster

From Wedges to Mary Janes; vivid colour blocking to bright two tones, just like the rest of our Midi range, Bonnie’s design is inspired by the bold colour and shape of 1960s fashion and footwear coupled with early Formula One racing cars. Originally designed in wood (and maintaining its simple form when remodeled into plastic), the beauty of Bonnie lies in its simplicity: a pure shape on wheels, with the addition of bold graphics to bring it to life.

Cool, hip and eye-catching, Bonnie is a true showstopper that will look stunning on the shelf, mantelpiece or racing around on the living room floor! A Playforever classic, to be treasured for generations.


Bold new Viglietta Miles

With a smooth, curved shape and sleek Italian styling, Viglietta is so much more than just a toy car – it is an object of beauty that can make memories; memories to be shared for generations to come.


Autograph Roadsters by designer Julian Meagher

In line with the Le Bon Marche car signing day in Paris on the 25th of November 2017. We will be adding this feature to our entire line - simply purchase the autograph example here and then we will contact you and ask you what you would like written on the car of your choice. Also, the car will be signed by Julian Meagher.

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