New GB Bonnie

For years we have been asked why do we not do a British Roadster seeing as we are a British company. Our answer comes in the form of a Lotus inspired 1930's racing car.

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New Maverick Shadow

A hip, cool, statement piece that takes us back to the days of cop shows and the streets of New York, Maverick Shadow is a toy to be treasured by all ages.

New Viglietta Miles

With a smooth, curved shape and sleek Italian styling, Viglietta is so much more than just a toy car – it is an object of beauty that can make memories; memories to be shared for generations to come.

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New Ross Malibu

Fierce, but just as fast, Malibu is slightly smaller than the rest of our collection, proving that when it comes to speed, size isn’t everything.

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New Black Modena Grand Prix

 Our Modena Grand Prix model is a stunning example of founder Julian Meagher’s creative vision becoming reality. Being larger than the other vehicles in the series, the body is CNC-machined from a solid block of ABS material, before being sanded and polished by hand and finished with the highest grade automotive paint with a glossy UV coating.

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