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164 new cavendish street london w1w 6yt

Egg Roadster with Pilot Karlos.

Introducing the Egg Roadster, featuring Pilot Karlos!

Scrambler, Sunnysider and Hardy make up the Egg Roadster super-trio. Pilot Karlos making his first appearance sitting all snug in his crazy-wild egg shaped racer. It’s amazing to think that this style was a direct spin off from the concepts created in our collaboration with Hugo Boss in 2017. Now, Rufus (Dog Car) has a fierce competitor and he will need to wear his best game face. 

Egg Roadster with the coolest cat, Pilot Karlos.

Let’s talk about those crazy wheels! The thinking behind the extravagant shape is an amalgamation of the beefy 80’s yo-yo and rally car wheels of the same era and yes, they are as impossibly deep as we could make them and to give them an even wider stance we’ve added that exaggerated lip. We call these wheels the 5 spoke wacky classics wrapped in Sunray rubber.