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Introducing "耐顽"

Playforever, a renowned brand famous for its exceptional quality and timeless design, is excited to announce the launch of its Chinese trademark: "耐顽" (prenounced Nài wán).

The Playful Aspect

"耐顽", which translates to "enduring playfulness," perfectly captures the brand philosophy. The products are more than just toys; they are gateways to imagination, creativity, and boundless fun. "耐顽" celebrates the joy of play with a range of sleek racing cars and whimsical airplanes.


Uncompromising Quality

Playforever 耐顽 is committed to excellence. Each piece is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability that withstands the test of time. From toddlers to collectors, everyone can enjoy the lasting beauty of the toys.


Aesthetic Brilliance

Playforever 耐顽 embraces a minimalist aesthetic that harmonizes with modern design sensibilities. Clean lines, bold colours, and elegant curves define the products. Whether displayed on a shelf or raced across the living room floor, they elevate any space. Playforever 耐顽 isn't just a toy—it's a work of art.


The Journey Ahead

Explore Playforever 耐顽 and discover the joy of play, celebrate enduring quality, and adorn your life with timeless design. From playrooms to offices, our co-branded collection promises to spark smiles and ignite imaginations. Stay tuned for new product launches, limited editions, and collaborations that redefine playtime.

Brand highlights

Extraordinary design

Years of dedication to the craft, ensures every detail is considered during our design phase.

Incredible quality

Quality and longevity go hand in hand. We choose high quality materials and high end manufacturing partners.

Luxury brand

The Playforever 耐顽 products can be found in top stores across the globe. London, New York, Paris, Beijing, the list goes on...!